"Alpine Eiger" is distinguished by its crystal green coloring, as well as the white veining that runs through it. The quartzite processed in the STEINBILD "Alpine Eiger" was formed about 150 million years ago in the Pangaean era.

History of origins

Each STEINBILD tells the probably oldest story in the world - our earth history


At the time when the natural stone of this STEINBILD was formed, mountain building took place around the Pacific Ocean. Subduction of the Pacific plates started the unfolding of the Andes. Regression in Central Europe due to the recession of the sea. Pangaea finally broke apart.


The first flowering plants emerged and the high rainfall caused the plant world to expand. This resulted in dense tropical forests with more flowering plants. Due to the strong reef formation, hexacorals, mussels, crinoids and spiny lobsters appeared. In addition, the Archaeopteryx (prehistoric bird) with feathers and skeleton is well developed in this period.

150 million years

Rock age



Type of rock


Quartz, admixtures of colouring ores

Main ingredient

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