Unique & Modern Artworks from the Heart of the Earth

For us, STEINBILDER are a fascinating form of art - painted by nature. Over the natural course of millions of years, captivating patterns, colors, and textures have developed in the natural stones. These unique characteristics make each STEINBILD an individual artwork created by nature.

At STEINBILD, we have made it our passion to preserve this natural beauty and express it in unique works of art. Each STEINBILD is carefully selected and crafted by our experienced designers to showcase the special characteristics of the natural stone in the best possible way.


The Creativity of Nature Knows No Bounds

Within natural stones, you can find forms, lines, and structures that impress with their aesthetics and complexity. Each STEINBILD is therefore an expression of natural beauty and a tribute to the artistic power of nature.

Art in every detail: Even the smallest part of a STEINBILD captivates with a unique interplay of colors and shapes. The diversity of natural stones enables us to offer a wide range of STEINBILDER. From elegant abstract compositions to vibrant color explosions, our artworks cover a broad spectrum of styles and motifs.


Artworks That Tell Stories

Our STEINBILDER are not only aesthetically appealing, but they also tell an individual story. Each image carries the traces of past ages - from long-gone plants and animals to the geological forces that have shaped our planet.

When you look at our STEINBILDER, you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Earth's history and feel a special connection with nature.


The Language of Stones

The selection of natural stone is a crucial step in the creative process. Each stone has its own story, unique coloration, structure, and individual pattern. Our designers understand how to harness these natural characteristics and showcase them perfectly. Only then can the STEINBILDER impress with details, depth, and expressive power in the right composition. They reveal the mysterious aspects hidden within the depths of the stone.


A Skill that Combines Craftsmanship and Creative Vision

The creation of STEINBILDER requires a high level of craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity. Only a few selected manufacturers around the world possess the techniques to transform natural stone blocks into artistic masterpieces.

Each step, from selecting the appropriate stone to precise processing and design, requires expertise and a passion for the craft.

Contemporary Artworks for Eternity

The timeless beauty of STEINBILDER makes them artworks for eternity. With their durability and robustness, they retain their fascinating allure for decades.

As collectibles and investment assets, they are not only an aesthetic highlight but also an investment in an art form that retains its value over time.

With a STEINBILD, you bring home an artwork that will bring joy to you and your loved ones and can be passed down from generation to generation without fading away.

"In my opinion, each STEINBILD is at least as artistically valuable as paintings created by humans. Considering the millions of years of development, uniqueness, and material worth, the advantage clearly lies with STEINBILD."


Lorenz Gegler, STEINBILD founder

"Many people would love to buy paintings and artworks but are afraid of choosing the wrong artist or motif. A STEINBILD is painted by nature - the greatest artist - making it always value-neutral and never incorrect, offensive, or inappropriate. The buyer can always decide whether the STEINBILD suits them or not. There can be no wrong choice or bad taste - it is always one's own and right choice. Nature has no ulterior motives."


Sarah Bieling, designer and photographer

Discover our unique works of art from natural stones

Mandus KodiakMandus Kodiak
Mandus Kodiak
Dimensions: 37 x 87 cm

Venosa KalahariVenosa Kalahari
Venosa Kalahari
Dimensions: 83 x 59 cm

Harmonia ForestHarmonia Forest
Harmonia Forest
Dimensions: 67 x 93 cm

Mandus ArrowMandus Arrow
Mandus Arrow
Dimensions: 43 x 78 cm

Galaxy ShinyGalaxy Shiny
Galaxy Shiny
Dimensions: 55 x 25 cm

Priamus StonePriamus Stone
Priamus Stone
Dimensions: 54 x 74 cm

Nevada DroughtNevada Drought
Nevada Drought
Dimensions: 73 x 73 cm

Flactus RiverFlactus River
Flactus River
Dimensions: 83 x 81 cm

Turtle IslandTurtle Island
Turtle Island
Dimensions: 115 x 90 cm