Eine Wand in einer Kunstgalerie an der mehrere Natursteinkunstwerke hängen

Discover the world of our STEINBILDER

Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, unique natural stones were formed deep in the earth by extreme forces - absolutely phenomenal and very special. The oldest STEINBILD in our range is currently 2,000 million years old. STEINBILDER are silent witnesses to the history of the earth, yet they have a lot to say.


Variety to fall in love with

Our pictures made of real natural stone are available in a wide range of variations and sizes so that each motif can unfold its full effect. Select a product line to find out more about its special features. Your favourite piece is already waiting for you to discover it.

Soul Line

A touch of mysticism. The STEINBILD Soul Line goes beyond pure aesthetics. There are six different gemstones to choose from in this product line.



Natural stone in focus. Our limited edition STEINBILD Focusline impresses with its vibrant shapes on a high-quality background. Choose freely from ten natural stones, four shapes and two sizes.


Essential Line

Pure stone pleasure. The STEINBILD Essential Line comprises ten natural stones and offers you a choice of seven different formats. Each natural stone is fully embedded in a black foiled frame.



True jewels of nature. STEINBILD Masterpieces is our exclusive product line and impresses with its extraordinary compositions, colours and grains.


What our customers say 

"I'm Sarah and as a designer at Steinbild, I help you to find a STEINBILD that exactly matches your personal preferences and needs."

Made with love in Germany

Each STEINBILD is carefully handcrafted in Germany.

Millions of years old

Each STEINBILD is made of natural stone that is millions of years old.

Ambassador of the earth's history

Each STEINBILD brings a piece of the earth's history to your home.

A truly unique piece

Every STEINBILD is unique and only exists once in the world.