The Color Variety of Nature


Colors have a special effect on us and can trigger strong feelings in us. That is why the choice of color in particular plays a decisive role in interior design. It offers a fascinating potential to visually change rooms and significantly influence the mood.

The Beauty of Natural Colors

Nature reveals to us a breathtaking color palette, which is also reflected in the variety of colors of natural stones. Through the targeted selection and harmonious combination of our STEINBILDER in different shades, rooms can undergo a complete transformation and stimulate the senses in many ways. This makes them a particularly exciting decorative element for interior design. Experience the intense effect of natural stones that capture the essence of nature in their colors.

Black: Elegance in Its Purest Form - Go For Contrasting Accents

Black stands for elegance, sophistication and depth. It gives the room a noble touch and at the same time creates a mysterious, timeless and contrasting atmosphere. However, caution is advised when using black, as too much of it can be oppressive. So, what better way to make a statement than with our STEINBILDER in black?

Exciting, Rich in Contrast and Timeless.

Our Dark STEINBILDER set unique accents in your home and create a fascinating and noble atmosphere. Let yourself be enchanted by the dark marble and enjoy the charming contrast they offer. The Dark STEINBILDER fit perfectly into modern, purist, Japandi or mid-century-modern interior styles and provide the perfect accent.

Dark EldiaDark Eldia
Dark Eldia
Dimensions: 31 x 92 cm

Dark ShardDark Shard
Dark Shard
Dimensions: 180 x 164 cm


Beige: Harmony and Naturalness - Create a Warm and Inviting Environment

Beige radiates calm, naturalness and harmony. This warm color creates a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to relax. In addition, it fits effortlessly into a wide variety of interior styles and is versatile.

Harmonious, Versatile and Warm.

Our Priamus STEINBILDER create a unique harmony and warmth in your home. They can be combined in many ways and are the perfect complement to any interior and style. Enjoy the warm, harmonious and grounding effect of Priamus in your home.

Priamus RockPriamus Rock
Priamus Rock
Dimensions: 74 x 74 cm

Priamus VegaPriamus Vega
Priamus Vega
Dimensions: 74 x 94 cm


Red: Passionate and Powerful - Give the Room a Dynamic Look

Bold splashes of color can be excellently set with a strong red. As a passionate color, red attracts attention with ease and at the same time gives the room a dynamic and powerful look.

Passionate, Exciting and Energetic.

The impressive Electra STEINBILDER are characterized by their unique red color, which is added to the quartzite by coloring ores. Let yourself be inspired by the exciting and powerful atmosphere of the Electra STEINBILDER and feel the pleasant energy they unleash in your space.

Electra VeinElectra Vein
Electra Vein
Dimensions: 85 x 117 cm


Blue: Clarity and Serenity - Create a Relaxing and Meditative Atmosphere

Blue can create a pleasantly calm atmosphere, because it radiates serenity and promises clarity. At the same time it embodies the vastness of the sky and depth of the sea.

Clear, Serene and Calm.

The fascinating Wisteria STEINBILDER are made of a stunning blue gneiss, reminiscent of the sky and the sea. Enjoy the unique depth and clarity of this over a billion year old natural stone.

Wisteria GalaxieWisteria Galaxie
Wisteria Galaxie
Dimensions: 157 x 154 cm


Yellow: Cheerfulness and Optimism - Bring Sunshine Into Your Home

A positive, inviting mood can be created especially well with yellow. Yellow brings the sunshine directly into your living space and at the same time radiates a pleasant cheerfulness and energy.

Warmth, Sunlight and Joy.

The charming Dune STEINBILDER make any room shine with cheerfulness and give it a warm, sunny atmosphere. Enjoy the warmth of the onyx and get the sunshine directly into your four walls.

Dune StripesDune Stripes
Dune Stripes
Dimensions: 55 x 170 cm


Green: Natural Tranquility and Renewal - Connect With the Beauty of Nature

The color green radiates naturalness and stands for growth. At the same time, it conveys calm and balance.

Natural, Calm and Refreshing.

Robinia STEINBILDER embody a unique tranquility and at the same time create a pleasantly refreshing atmosphere - similar to a relaxing walk in the forest. They bring nature into your home and create a calming environment that makes us feel connected with nature.

FL Robinia Heart S7070FL Robinia Heart S7070
FL Robinia Heart S7070
Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm

Variants from €199.00

You Are Unsure Which Color Is Right for Your Living Space?

Our design consultants are on hand to help you make the perfect color choices for your rooms. Let our experts inspire you and benefit from individual solutions that match your personal style and living atmosphere. Together we will find the ideal color scheme to give your home the character you desire. Learn more about our design consulting and discover the endless possibilities of color design.