STEINBILD Manufactory

Handcrafted Unique Pieces

Our STEINBILD manufactory is a place where artistry, craftsmanship, and passion come together to transform the fascinating beauty of nature into modern wall art.

In our manufacturing facility, we combine the unique processing of thin stone and wood. We affectionately refer to ourselves as "Steinerei" - a joinery for stone. The art of working with thin stone requires a high level of expertise, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Each natural stone possesses individual characteristics, which makes the processing a special challenge.

Traditional Craftsmanship for Thin Stone and Wood

Our manufacturing facility boasts unparalleled experience and expertise in working with thin stone and wood, enabling us to create one-of-a-kind artworks from massive natural stone blocks. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other manufacturing facility in Germany that can match our expertise in this field.

Handcrafted Uniqueness: Processing Natural Stone

In our manufacturing facility, we create each STEINBILD in custom sizes and designs, exclusively through meticulous craftsmanship. We make no compromises when it comes to the processing and material quality of our artworks.

The creation of a STEINBILD is a collaborative process involving skilled individuals. Each individual section of a STEINBILD is carefully selected to showcase the natural beauty of the stone to its fullest extent. Furthermore, our STEINBILDER are precisely framed in specially made frames.

To bring out the unique charm and beauty of each design object, our designers and craftsmen work closely together.

Searching Worldwide for Fascinating Earth Stories

Every STEINBILD tells its own fascinating story, one that has been forged deep within the Earth over hundreds of millions of years. Our story explorers are true experts in natural stone and design. They search quarries and mining sites worldwide to find the perfect natural stone deposits for our STEINBILDER.

Only when the material quality, structure, and color harmonize perfectly can a unique work of art be created from a massive stone block weighing tons.

Using advanced diamond wire cutting technology, the approximately 5 mm thick STEINBILD is separated from the solid natural stone block. The resulting raw slab is securely transported to our manufacturing facility, the heart of our STEINBILDER. Here, the raw slabs are meticulously refined and completed to unleash their full beauty.

Made in Germany: Quality & Transparency

To ensure the highest possible quality and maximum transparency, the entire production process of our STEINBILDER is carried out exclusively in Germany.

Both the precise diamond splitting process and the individual manufacturing in our STEINBILD-Manufaktur, including custom frame construction and comprehensive quality control, take place here.


Special Construction: The Structure of Our STEINBILDER

Each STEINBILD is the perfect combination of millions of years old natural stone and carefully matched backing, frame, and stabilizing components. It is produced using the specially developed expansion-compensating COMPEX composite technology and is beautifully framed with high-quality materials.

  1. High-quality frame made of solid wood, available in four different finishes
  2. Protect surface coating for perfect brilliance and optimal protection
  3. LivingSkin natural stone surface treatment, including vacuum preservation technology
  4. Natural stone that has been formed over millions of years
  5. Fiberglass reinforcement mesh
  6. Wood composite backing panel
  7. Wood corner stabilizers
  8. Solid mounting system
  9. Natural rubber spacers

Frieder, the developer, explains: „The biggest challenge in the development process was neutralizing the expansion coefficient of the millions of years old STEINBILD in relation to the other components. I was able to draw heavily from my 20 years of experience in thin stone and wood processing, which proved invaluable." 

Limited Masterpieces: Artisan Craftsmanship in Natural Stone

Due to the extraordinarily intricate and complex manufacturing process, we can only produce a limited number of STEINBILDER. This ensures that each artwork is crafted with the utmost care and dedication.

Black JunaBlack Juna
Black Juna
Dimensions: 114 x 114 cm

Mandus KodiakMandus Kodiak
Mandus Kodiak
Dimensions: 37 x 87 cm

Venosa KalahariVenosa Kalahari
Venosa Kalahari
Dimensions: 83 x 59 cm

Harmonia ForestHarmonia Forest
Harmonia Forest
Dimensions: 67 x 93 cm

Mandus ArrowMandus Arrow
Mandus Arrow
Dimensions: 43 x 78 cm

Galaxy ShinyGalaxy Shiny
Galaxy Shiny
Dimensions: 55 x 25 cm

Rock HighRock High
Rock High
Dimensions: 72 x 107 cm

Nevada DroughtNevada Drought
Nevada Drought
Dimensions: 73 x 73 cm


STEINBILD - a project from the heart of two strong partners

The STEINBILD brand is the result of a unique collaboration between two leading companies in the natural stone industry: MAGNA Naturstein GmbH, one of the largest natural stone dealers and processors in Europe, and CB-tec GmbH, one of the most modern processing companies for natural stone and ceramics in Europe.

Thanks to their many years of experience in stone processing, we have been able to realize a unique development in surface treatment and stone processing that enables the production of our extraordinary STEINBILDER.