Perfectly Framed: High-Quality Wooden Picture Frames

The appearance and overall impression of an artwork can be significantly influenced by a picture frame. A frame has the power to enhance the colors and style of the artwork and give it a professional presentation.

Artworks as unique as STEINBILDER deserve an individual and valuable picture frame. With our shadow gap frames, you can perfectly showcase your STEINBILD.

Naturally Beautiful & Timeless: Picture Frames for STEINBILDER

We offer you the opportunity to choose from a total of four different frame designs. Each picture frame is meticulously handcrafted and custom-made in our workshop, ensuring the perfect fit for your STEINBILD.


Maple Wood Matte Black Coated

The matte black coating adds a touch of sophistication to the maple wood frame, making it a perfect fit for timeless interiors with understated elegance.

Oak White Lacquered & Oiled

Oak wood captivates with its robust and characterful nature. The white water-based lacquer gives the frame a particularly soft and bright touch, conveying a sense of lightness.

Oak Natural, Oiled

The warm color and natural grain of the oak lend the frame a rustic yet timeless charm. The wood's oil finish provides protection against external influences and highlights its natural beauty without altering its original character.

Oak Stained Black and Oiled

A real eye-catcher that stands out in any room: The black stain on the oak provides a striking allure. The wood's grain remains visible, giving the frame a unique depth. The oil finish accentuates the wood's texture.

First Comes the Picture, Then the Frame

First, let yourself be inspired by a specific natural stone or a unique STEINBILD, and then find the perfect frame that completes the artwork.

Lilium IceLilium Ice
Lilium Ice
Dimensions: 45 x 110 cm

Fuligo TarantellaFuligo Tarantella
Fuligo Tarantella
Dimensions: 76 x 76 cm

Rock ArtRock Art
Rock Art
Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm

Harmonia ArbreHarmonia Arbre
Harmonia Arbre
Dimensions: 67 x 67 cm

Venice LightningVenice Lightning
Venice Lightning
Dimensions: 135 x 95 cm

Flactus BirdFlactus Bird
Flactus Bird
Dimensions: 103 x 81 cm

Lobelia PurpuraLobelia Purpura
Lobelia Purpura
Dimensions: 75 x 105 cm

Fuligo TrapaniFuligo Trapani
Fuligo Trapani
Dimensions: 77 x 37 cm

Lyra WebLyra Web
Lyra Web
Dimensions: 174 x 157 cm

Graphite NightGraphite Night
Graphite Night
Dimensions: 53 x 136 cm