Beleuchtete Wandbilder.

Einzigartige Lichtkunst für dein Zuhause

In der modernen Inneneinrichtung spielen die Beleuchtung und vor allem indirektes Licht eine maßgebliche Rolle. Sie haben die enorme Kraft, das Design zu verändern und das Ambiente zu prägen. Unsere beleuchteten STEINBILDER sind dabei das strahlende Highlight, das jeden Raum in deinem Zuhause zum Leuchten und deine Gäste zum Staunen bringt.

Die Besonderheit an Leuchtbildern liegt in der gelungenen Kombination von Kunstwerk und Licht. Das Spiel von Licht und Schatten verstärkt die Wirkung des Bildes und verleiht dem Raum eine ganz besondere Aura. 


Our STEINBILDER are uniquely extraordinary and modern wall art created from millions of years old, nearly unprocessed, natural stone. The special feature is that each of our STEINBILDER is a genuine one-of-a-kind piece - certified and guaranteed to be unique.

They are crafted through a meticulous process from a massive block of natural stone and completed by hand in Germany.

Lighting Selection by STEINBILD: The Unique Wall Lighting Experience

Our Lighting Selection combines artwork and light source in a captivating symbiosis. In rare cases, certain types of stones exhibit translucent properties due to their unique mineral composition. What makes it particularly fascinating is that it's not the entire surface, but specific areas of the natural stone that are translucent. The nature of the stone determines the degree of light transmission. By adding backlighting, the STEINBILD can be illuminated, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light to your preference. The result is a breathtaking visual spectacle that bathes the STEINBILD in enchanting light.



By carefully illuminating specific areas of the STEINBILD, you can highlight particular details, colors, or textures. The lighting directs the viewer's gaze to specific segments of the artwork, allowing for a more immersive experience and a heightened appreciation of the subtle nuances and elements present in the piece.


You have never experienced such a light show!

The STEINBILD Lighting Collection transforms your home into a spectacular masterpiece. Make your STEINBILD glow and experience the fascination of light. Thanks to the stepless LED lighting, you can determine the brightness yourself and playfully choose the intensity of the luminosity. Experience a breathtaking play of light that transforms your home into a true gem. Enjoy the endless possibilities and experience unique moments.


Our illuminated pictures create different moods in your home. With the ability to adjust the light intensity, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere or a modern and futuristic ambiance. The lighting transforms your STEINBILD into a dynamic design element that perfectly adapts to your preferences and the occasion at hand.


Shop the Look: Discover Our Illuminated STEINBILDER

Experience the fascination of our illuminated STEINBILDER and find the perfect design object for your home. In our shop, you'll find a diverse selection to express your own individual style.

Add an Extra Accent: LED Ambient Lighting

Whether you prefer a gentle ambiance or radiant lighting, our optional LED ambient lighting allows you to add a special and captivating accent to each STEINBILD.
The floating mounting style with integrated spacers creates a unique lighting scenario that further highlights your STEINBILD.

  • energy-saving lighting solution
  • available for every STEINBILD
  • high-quality LED strips and transformer
  • dimmable via remote control


The Lighting Concept by STEINBILD: Unique Living Room Illumination

Who needs modern lamps when you can have an illuminated STEINBILD? You can adjust the light intensity according to your preferences. You have full control over the lighting intensity to create the perfect atmosphere.