"Mont Blanc Courmayeur" presents itself by its cloudy structure and dark veins. The quartzite processed in the STEINBILD "Mont Blanc Courmayeur" was formed about 220 million years ago, at the time when the North Atlantic, the Dolomites and the Himalayan Mountains were formed.

History of origins

Each STEINBILD tells the probably oldest story in the world - our earth history


The supercontinent Pangaea began to break up, creating the North Atlantic, the Dolimites and the Himalayan Mountains.


At this time, the first ancestors of flowering plants developed. The climatic differences between north and south created different plant worlds. This resulted in the first dry plants in the desert areas. At the same time, the first bare-seeded plants (conifers) became established. Animals of the Tethys penetrated to the west and the first turtles and dinosaurs evolved.

220 million years

Rock age



Type of rock


Quartz, admixtures of colouring ores

Main constituent

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